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Weekly Review 11/7/21-11/14/21

My thoughts on some of the biggest and best drops of the week.


The Good:

Rick Ross dropped off Outlawz, the first single for his upcoming album; and I have never been a huge Rozay fan but this single got me really excited. Jazmine Sullivan sings a beautiful chorus over a triumphant and luxurious beat and Rick Ross gives an amazing lyrical performance, as well as 21 Savage who kills his verse. Not much in terms good singles this week, and the only other song worth mentioning is the freestyle that Fivio Foreign dropped. I do not believe it is on streaming but his flow is ridiculous and I'd recommend checking it out.

The Bad:

Juice WRLD, Russ and Lil Durk are some noteworthy names that dropped singles this past week, and I was not a huge fan of any of them. I think Already Dead is just further proof that Juice's team should leave his songs in the vault because it was an actively bad track. However Durk's Lion Eyes and Russ's Psycho Pt 2 aren't bad, just boring and uninteresting. Finally we get to the highly anticipated Bad Man (Smooth Criminal) by Polo G which has been trending for months due to his snippets. Personally I like Polo a lot but I was not crazy about this. The instrumental is cool and Polo's flow is hard but his bars are weak, and the bridge's where he is singing serve no purpose on this song.

Back On My Baby Jesus Sh!t AGAIN - DaBaby

DaBaby's six track EP sees him in a return to form, which isn't necessarily great. Most of the songs sound like discount versions of songs from Baby On Baby or 21 which is again, not a great thing. I'm not the biggest fan of DaBaby, his music is fun and good on the occasion but for the most part it is pretty bad in my opinion. 5 FOR A DUB easily stood out as the worst track, and I doubt I'll be revisiting any other of these songs.

Blockchain - Money Man

This is the first Money Man project I have listened and I think it did a great job of encapsulating who he is as an artist. Blockchain is a pretty standard trap project with spacey and digital sounding trap beats, though most of them are fairly bland. Money Man has a great flow but his delivery is drab for the most part. He also has above average lyrics for trap music but when everything comes together it blends into the rest of the modern trap scene.

Final Rating:



Going into this I was excepting a more Playboi Carti inspired sound as I always grouped him in with that upcoming group of rappers, and I was surprised that he wasn't like that too much. Though some of his production and deliveries can fall into that sound, he is more versatile than that. Dami is not a great rapper by any means but he's better than I thought and I see some potential in his sound.

Final Rating:


An Evening With Silk Sonic - Silk Sonic

The album we've all been waiting for. Leave The Door Open, Skate and Smoking Out The Window were all some of the best songs released this year, and the final product did not disappoint. Despite being very short I am super excited about the new tracks we got as they are just as great as the singles. The production was on a new level, bringing funky and soulful sounds back to the center stage, with carefully crafted progressive instrumentals on every song. Bruno and Paak bring their absolute best on every chorus, every verse and any other time they get to show off their talent.

Final Rating:


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