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Upcoming Artist's Poised For A Big Year In 2022

Tonight we will be discussing some artists that have been on the come up in 2021. But not just artists blowing up, ones that I think will level up sometime in the next year. Whether it's a hit single, viral moment or a critically acclaimed album I think these artists will break down the walls they built this year, keeping their momentum and traveling to new heights.


Faygo started blowing up in mid 2021 off of his song Knock Knock, which was actually released in 2019. Tik Tok grabbed hold of it and took him to another level, eventually getting signed to Travis Scott's Cactus Jack label. I'm not the biggest fan of Faygo's sound personally, but he's the face of the bubbling SoundCloud Carti inspired rage wave. Off The Map and Everyday also gained some traction and not to mention being featured on Trippie Redd's 2021 record Trip At Knight. It's safe to say that Faygo has the buzz right now, he has the star power and the respect of the industry as well. I would be surprised if Faygo isn't topping the charts in the next year or two.

Boldy James

The polar opposite of Faygo is that I don't think he'll be chart topping any time soon. I am versed with most of Boldy's catalog and his several great albums The Price of Tea in China, Manger on McNichols and the recent Bo Jackson. Everything I've heard from him so far has been exceptional. His flow, lyricism and ability to work with top notch producers make it possible for him to rise to a new level in terms of respectability. He's one more great project away from elevating to that next level, the one that will garner him more attention and put him into more conversations of who's the best rapper around.


Starting off as a Jack Harlow associate, EST Gee made a bold move by stepping away from Jack and moving into street rap. He did that by not featuring him on his 2021 record Bigger Than Life or Death, while having artists like Lil Baby, Pooh Shiesty, 42 Dugg, Lil Durk and more. EST Gee has a cold delivery and menacing bars. He is an artist I like quite a bit although can get repetitive for a whole album. Aside from being on tracks like Route 66 and Rotten with Jack Harlow, he got a huge look from Lil Baby when he dropped Real As It Gets featuring Gee himself. Since then he's been hovering around the mainstream being talked about a lot and having a strong core fanbase but not having any huge popping songs. I think next year he could very well be thrown into the limelight and have a year similar to Pooh Shiesty’s 2021.

Babyface Ray

Ray is the biggest young artist popping off in Detroit right now. He's putting on huge for a scene that's bubbling with other acts like Sada Baby and Icewear Vezzo beginning to take off as well. He brings a new sound to the mainstream, and while being backed by Big Sean and Hit-Boy on their latest song It Ain't My Fault, which is an incredible song, it's likely this is just the start for him. His lowkey and off-kilter delivery with killer bars is unique compared to anyone else outside Detroit. He also has songs like Paperwork Party with Jack Harlow and Pink 10's with EST Gee which are garnering a little attention. Though he's not huge right now, Babyface Ray will definitely be someone to keep your eyes on in the coming years.


Although Bas has been in the game for years, it seems now that J. Cole is taking the initiative to send him into the mainstream now. With Bas appearing on J. Cole's album The Off Season for several great singing performances, we were all reminded of Bas. To his buzzing single The Jackie with a great high energy hook from Cole and a surprising feature from Lil Tjay, which I personally liked a lot. And most recently Cole bringing Bas out to perform with him at the IHeart Music Festival it seems like he's doing his best to gear Bas up for a big commercial album drop in the coming months.


Similar to Boldy, MAVI is not going to be topping any charts as he is still very much in the underground. However fans have been watching his moves since the release of his only album Let The Sun Talk in 2019, which was received very well. Since then he's released some singles and an EP this year titled END OF THE EARTH. MAVI is an artist similar to Earl Sweatshirt, he is extremely lyrical and raps over more experimental beats in a more storytelling way, but he has a lot more energy to his delivery than Earl nowadays. If you're into lyrical or experimental Hip-Hop MAVI is definitely a guy to keep your eyes on while waiting for his second album.


Being featured on this year's XXL Freshman List, Blxst is a known name at this point in 2021. However with a hit like Chosen, which features Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga, under his belt, and being featured on Nas's album, King's Disease II it's likely he's just getting started. His melodic sin-rapping is a sound that is popping right now and with rapping over more R&B influenced West coast beats, I think Blxst has the ability to bring a great and refreshing new sound to the mainstream. In my opinion it's not a matter of if, but a matter of when Blxst drops the song that's going to level him up. When you listen to his music the potential is clearly there.


With Sleepy Hallow, Fivio Foreign and Sheff G graduating to becoming regular names outside of the New York drill scene some people may be questioning who's next. Kodak Black signee 22Gz is the obvious pick for me. He brings a lot of energy and fun ad libs to all his songs. Suburban, Pt. 2 has been a huge song for him and he has several others bubbling. It seems like he's gearing up for his next album drop so if he's able to keep up his hype, he'll certainly be a name to watch.


After dropping his Calabasas Remix with $NOT earlier this year SSGKobe was getting talked about quite a bit. He has a passionate group of fans who love his music. He's versatile in his sound but is also bursting at the seams with personality. Ever since dropping his highly anticipated single MIA he's been quiet. Fans are waiting to see what his next move is. He is the type of artist I could see having Playboi Carti level fans but also being loved by the public like Jack Harlow.

AG Club

The most interesting pick for me as they are a group very reminiscent of BROCKHAMPTON to me, in terms of their instrumentals and group dynamic. Except AG Club has front man Jodi Fontaine who has an incredible flow, for reference check out Memphis, Pt. 2 with A$AP Ferg and NLE Choppa. They dropped two tapes this year being F*ck Your Expectations Part 1 & 2. Both were pretty good in my opinion but when they decide to drop a full cohesive album there is a lot of potential there.

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