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Top 25 Lil Uzi Vert Songs

Uzi is one of the most popular and beloved artists of the last five years, with a dedicated fanbase and a lot of mainstream appeal. He is one of the leading trap artist's who blends unique and vibrant instrumentals with melodic singing and rapping. I would consider myself an Uzi fan but I do find him to be overrated as I don't think he has a great album, he has several good albums, but is missing a great one. With the Pink Tape allegedly on the way, with the first single, Demon High dropping last week, he may have his first. Despite not having a great album Uzi has tons of great melotrap anthems and deep cuts that go unnoticed compared to his hits.

25. SideLine Watching (Hold Up)

Album: The Perfect LUV Tape

Personally I'm a fan of Uzi's older music, so it's not a surprise that this underrated classic is on the list. Just a fun Lil Uzi Vert track.

24. Do What I Want

Album: The Perfect LUV Tape

Another classic Uzi track where it's nothing but fun. Listening to Uzi reinstate that he could do whatever he wants is just nothing but good vibes.

23. Canadian Goose

Album: Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World

The intro track to Uzi's cult favorite mixtape was bound to appear on my list. Like the rest of Uzi's catalog it is just pure fun.

22. Money Mitch

Album: The Perfect LUV Tape

A cut from Uzi that has a darker sound than most of his other work. Uzi has a hypnotic flow that just sucks you into the atmosphere of the track.

21. Scott and Ramona

Album: Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World

Now we move onto the outro of LUVVTW, which is an emotional ballad. The whole song has a heavy and weighted feeling with some passionate singing from Uzi.

20. Erase Your Social

Album: The Perfect LUV Tape

Many Uzi fans favorite underrated Uzi song, where he raps about not messing with Snapchat. A classic song with a great chorus.

19. 7AM

Album: LUV Is Rage

Like Erase Your Social, many regard 7AM as a classic Uzi track, and it makes sense why. From the timeless skit in the beginning to Uzi's infectious chorus it hits every time.

18. Bean (Kobe) featuring Chief Keef

Album: Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2

The first track from the deluxe to Eternal Atake, was a leak that was out for a long time before the album ever dropped. It's a high energy banger with a catchy chorus from Chief Keef, who shares good chemistry with Uzi on the song.

17. I Can Drive

Album: The Perfect LUV Tape

Similar to Do What I Want, this track is just Uzi having a blast while making a track. I Can Drive exudes nothing but good vibes.

16. Trap This Way (This Way)

Album: Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2

Although LUVVTW2 is arguably Uzi's worst project, it does have a couple of songs that are pretty great, Trap This Way Being one of those. Uzi's chorus here is just way too catchy and enjoyable to not love.

15. Silly Watch

Album: Eternal Atake

Eternal Atake was a miss for Uzi, he even admitted it himself but Silly Watch is an Uzi we need more of. He brings a dangerous energy to this track with an incredible flow, chorus and some funny lyricism throuhgout.

14. Money Longer

Album: Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World

One of Uzi's most important songs, as it really put him on the map, is great although some fans might argue it higher. I love the instrumental and chorus but it does get repetitive over time which is why it isn't any further up.

13. Yamborghini Dream featuring Young Thug

Album: LUV Is Rage

A foggy, but energetic track where Uzi and Thug alike are both infectious and intoxicating with their personalities.

12. Dark Queen

Album: LUV Is Rage 2

A very underrated Uzi where he has a good flow and it is a more lyrical effort from him. Though not too deep it's nice to hear Uzi pay some respect to his mother.

11. That's a Rack

Album: N/A

This song has been forever overshadowed by the subsequent Sanguine Paradise, but I think it is nearly as great. Uzi's flow switches are great and keep the track fun and refreshing.

10. Enemies

Album: LUV Is Rage

A forgotten track from Uzi's early work, that is an evolving burst of energy. The chorus is catchy and on the verse the instrumental is dire and Uzi picks up the pace of his verse.

9. The Way Life Goes featuring Oh Wonder

Album: LUV Is Rage 2

A cult favorite Uzi track that every Uzi fan loves, so it's no surprise that it is up this high. Uzi delivers an emotional chorus with high energy verses and a vibrant and potent instrumental.

8. You Was Right

Album: Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World

One of Uzi's best relationship tracks has a catchy chorus and a lowkey but fun instrumental.

7. Neon Guts featuring Pharrell Williams

Album: LUV Is Rage 2

Another favorite among Uzi's fans is one of his most artistic endeavors yet. Pharrell's unique and vibrant production and ability to match Uzi's energy on his verse is amazing on this legendary collab.

6. How to Talk

Album: LUV Is Rage 2

Another great relationship track from Uzi. One of his best choruses and some upbeat, triumphant production.

5. Sanguine Paradise

Album: N/A

Possibly Uzi's biggest banger ever, with the ecstatic production with incredible horns. He has so many iconic cadences and bars, this song could be timeless.

4. XO Tour Llif3

Album: LUV Is Rage 2

Unquestionably Uzi's biggest song ever, and the track that propelled him to the upper echelon of rap. Another unique instrumental and Uzi's best chorus and melody ever.

3. Original Uzi (4 of Us)

Album: The Perfect LUV Tape

On this track Uzi is rapping rapping with some great flows and cadences with a consequential instrumental. One of Uzi's best cohesive tracks.

2. Paradise

Album: LUV Is Rage

This song is just so uplifting. The beat is just exotic and reminiscent of Summer. Uzi's singing is near perfect here as he manages to match the vibe to a tee.

1. 20 Min

Album: LUV Is Rage 2

Is anyone really surprised? I feel like this is Uzi's best song pretty unanimously, it just sounds like happiness.

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