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Top 25 Kid Cudi Songs

Kid Cudi is one of the best and most important artists of the last decade, and arguably of all time. His debut album Man on the Moon absolutely changed the game and is a top ten record of all time, at the very least. He is also personally, one of my favorite artists of all time, so I'll be listing off my top 25 favorite songs from him. This list will not include his work with Kanye on the Kids See Ghosts album, although Reborn would likely be the only song on the list. PSA Every song on this list is near perfect or perfect, Kid Cudi has so many amazing songs.

25. Surfin' featuring Pharrell Williams

The outro track to Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' is kicking off at 25. I feel this track is underrated in Cudi's discography but it is such a fun, energetic and ethereal track. Pharrell's production is of course spot on, creating a bouncy and spacey environment and a fun hook from Cudi.

24. Marijuana

Marijuana is a lightly sung classic from Man on the Moon II. It's been an anthem for night time blazer's everywhere, and will continue to be one for years to come.

23. Sept. 16

Cudi drops some angelic vocals and a great chorus on one of the best highlights on Man on the Moon III.

22. Heart Of A Lion (Kid Cudi Theme Music)

An all-around great track from the original Man on the Moon. The beat is great with some nice keys, Cudi's chorus is great and he delivers some great verses as well.

#21 Kitchen

Kitchen is an essential Kid Cudi song. From the progression of the fun but spaced out instrumental, to Cudi's infectious chorus, the song is just amazing.

20. Red Eye featuring HAIM

Red Eye is a passionate and emotional cut that offers great singing from Cudi and HAIM over a cloudy instrumental.

19. Soundtrack 2 My Life

A classic Kid Cudi track with a moody spaced out beat and a great lowkey chorus.

18. Don't Play This Song featuring Mary J. Blige

A song that features great strings in an atmospheric instrumental, a moody chorus, and a beautiful contribution from Mary J. Blige.

17. Solo Dolo (Nightmare)

A great and classic Cudi track over a minimal instrumental compared to the rest of Man on the Moon, which Cudi's vocals and verses carry over amazingly.

16. Lovin' Me featuring Phoebe Bridgers

This is one of Kid Cudi's best song performances, as well as some great accompaniment from Phoebe.

15. Day 'N' Nite (nightmare)

Unarguably Kid Cudi's biggest hit to date, and for a good reason too. This track is anthemic from the vibrant and poppy instrumental, to Cudi's memorable chorus. Everything about this track is classic.

14. Lord I Know

The Outro to Man on the Moon III is one of the best moments on the album. Is a beautiful moment musically, featuring an amazingly sung chorus, a spacey beat and some solid rapping from Cudi. It also functions as a great thank you to his fans, perfect for the outro.

13. Solo Dolo Part II featuring Kendrick Lamar

The most lowkey and moody of the Solo Dolo series, but also the best. It also features a great appearance from Kendrick Lamar.

12. Elsie's Baby Boy (flashback)

A song that features some great but not overdone strings, another beautiful chorus from Cudi, and a great but sad story about his childhood growing up.

#11 Sky Might Fall

One of my favorite Cudi choruses of all time, and it lines up greatly with the beat as well. Cudi singing about how no matter what happens he'll be fine is always empowering to hear.

10. Scott Mescudi Vs. The World featuring CeeLo Green

Some amazing rapping from Cudi over a moody but progressive beat and a beautiful chorus from the man, CeeLo Green.

9. Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare) featuring MGMT & Ratat

Kid Cudi's second best hit. An absolutely and undeniably beautiful track. Everyone knows this song. Everyone loves this song. It is simply amazing.

8. Mr. Rager

A minimalistic instrumental that progresses throughout the song. Cudi's singing is so undeniably passionate. on this song.

7. Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)

A rare Kid Cudi love song that is beautiful. The instrumental is so lively and fun, and Cudi's delivery is perfect throughout the track.

6.Tequila Shots

A anthemic high energy Cudi banger. This song is so memorable with Cudi dropping quotable after quotable with a fun and fast flow. The perfect intro for Man on the Moon III.

5. Alive (Nightmare) featuring Ratat

Another amazing mix of an elite chorus and instrumental for Cudi. Coming together to create a perfect track.

4. Cudi Zone

Another perfectly amazing and beautiful song from Cudi. His singing is so amazing here and the instrumental brings it to life.

3. Erase Me - Main featuring Kanye West

The guitar on this song is fantastic. Kanye's verse, fantastic. Kid Cudi, fantastic. This song is a Kid Cudi anthem about trying to escape love. It is perfect in every way.

2. The Void

Kid Cudi's best song in years came on Man on the Moon III. This song definitely isn't the first perfect song on the list, but it is by far the most perfect song. The hook and the instrumental are some of Cudi's best.

#1 Up Up & Away

The perfect outro to Man on the Moon. After such a mentally tormenting and deep album to hear such an upbeat song about everything being okay is perfect. The chorus is absolutely amazing and such a memorable track

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