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Top 25 Kanye West Songs

Kanye has arguably been one of the biggest and most influential artists of the 2000's and has a pretty great discography to stand behind it. He is constantly praised for his catalog and I personally don't think it's all that and he tends to get over rated for sure. With that being said he's still an amazing artist I just don't think he's the best ever. His recent release Donda was pretty good but don't be expecting many songs past 2013 on here. Only songs from Kanye's solo discography as well so no Watch The Throne or Kids See Ghosts.

25. Blood On The Leaves

Album: Yeezus

Great vocals and samples throughout the song. Kanye's singing is similar to his work on 808's but a lot more energetic.

24. Heartless

Album: 808's & Heartbreak

Ye delivers a brilliant hook on Heartless. This instrumental is fun and progressive and this song has gone on to be a classic Kanye anthem.

23. Jesus Lord

Album: Donda

One of Kanye's best lyrical efforts in years with an instrumental that offers the perfect blend of Gospel and Hip-Hop, as well as an amazing feature from Jay Electronica.

22. So Appalled

Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

A star studded posse cut where everyone brings passionate energy. Jay, Pusha and Kanye all rap like they are challenging the throne .

21. Homecoming

Album: Graduation

The beat is fun and nostalgic with a great piano. Chris Martin delivers an amazing hook and Kanye delivers some great verses.

20. Jail

Album: Donda

The instrumental is so heavy and atmospheric with the electric guitar, it is just powerful. Kanye on the chorus is memorable and adds to the mood and JAY-Z delivers an amazing verse.

19. Last Call

Album: The College Dropout

Kanye's chorus is fun and catchy which matches perfectly with the instrumental. Ye reflects about how he got to the success he is and drops some clever lines.

18. Spaceship

Album: The College Dropout

The instrumental has a great soulful sample, solid verse from GLC and Consequence. Kanye does some of his best storytelling on this track and it's so entertaining.

17. Guilt Trip

Album: Yeezus

Guilt Trip is so atmospheric and spacey from the contemporary sounding noises and Kanye's auto tuned singing. This is also one of my favorite lyrical performances from Kanye, he is just so fun and entertaining the whole time.

16. Gold Digger

Album: Late Registration

One of the best uses of samples in Hip-Hop history is on this track. It is one of Kanye's bounciest and catchiest tracks as well. It was a huge hit for a good reason, that being it's absolutely amazing.

15. Get Em High

Album: The College Dropout

The instrumental is vibrant and a bit aggressive as well but it's because the drums are amazing. Kanye and Talib Kweli deliver amazing verses and have great rapport throughout the track.

14. Touch The Sky

Album: Late Registration

The instrumental is so grand with the horns and has a passionate verse and great hook. As well as a stunning Lupe Fiasco performance as well.

13. New Slaves

Album: Yeezus

The instrumental on this song sounds evil and Kanye just plays into it with his serious demeanor and outlandish bars.

12. No More Parties In LA

Album: The Life Of Pablo

This is Kanye's best pure rap track of all time. This is the best his flow has ever been. But on top of that Kendrick absolutely obliterates his verse, if only Freddie Gibbs made it onto the final cut though.

11. Paranoid

Album: 808's & Heartbreak

This song is an absolutle bagner. It's a very synth heavy track but in the best way possible. This is one of Kanye's best singing tracks as well. Overall a perfect track.

10. Waves

Album: The Life Of Pablo

This track is a transcending listen every time. Waves is just another worldly experience from the amazing Chris Brown hook and Kanye's crisp and spacey production.

9. Bound 2

Album: Yeezus

The sampling and just production overall is a moment of genius on Kanye West's part. His rapping is so great here but it's really the instrumental that steals the show.

8. Roses

Album: Late Registration

This track is another moment of storytelling excellence from Ye. It is serious but also fun and Kanye keeps the whole thing invigorating.

7. Hold My Liquor

Album: Yeezus

Chief Keef sets the town for this sporadic record with his beautiful hook. Kanye's lyricism is depressing yet fun and the way the instrumental builds is so amazing.

6. Gorgeous

Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kid Cudi delivers a beautiful hook and the way everything is slightly distorted sounds amazing. Kanye and Raekwon both deliver top tier verses as well and the whole song is just beautiful.

5. Black Skinhead

Album: Yeezus

This is Kanye at his most tenacious. There is no better way to describe this track than dangerous.

4. Runaway

Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

This song is beautiful, immaculate and perfect. This is Kanye's best chorus and of course his verse is stellar along with Pusha T's. This song is iconic.

3. Ghost Town

Album: Ye

PARTYNEXTDOOR, Kid Cudi and 070 Shake all deliver exquisite vocal performances that tug on the heartstring. Kanye's emphatic lighthearted verse in between is perfect as well, especially with it's more melancholy undertones. The guitar in this song is incredible.

2. Devil In A New Dress

Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

This album might have the most luxurious instrumental in Hip-Hop history. Kanye is undoubtedly fantastic on here but Rick Ross is the real show stopper.

1. Flashing Lights

Album: Graduation

This song is perfect. It is a lowkey banger with some great singing from Kanye. His storyline about his hate for the paparazzi is enticing but does not ever compromise the vibe or energy of the track.

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