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Top 25 Isaiah Rashad Songs

With Isaiah finally releasing his highly anticipated album The House Is Burning, he has solidified himself as an amazing rapper in the game, if you didn't think so already. Zay has consistently been one of my favorite artists ever since I heard Cilvia Demo for the first time. His sound is so unique and he is really in a lane of his own, and while being so unique manages to be versatile as well. He has really grown to be not only one of my favorites, but one of the best, and I can not wait to see what else he has in store for us.

25. 4r Da Squaw

Album: The Sun's Tirade

A classic Isaiah song with a trippy and bouncy beat; his flow is great too. It's easy to see why this song is held in high esteem.

24. A lot

Album: The Sun's Tirade

This instrumental is consequential, spacey and super unique. Isaiah's signature distorted delivery here makes this song intense and obscure.

23. Chad featuring YGTUT

Album: The House Is Burning

The instrumental here is entrancing and Zay's whispering delivery makes this song fun. YGTUT's delivery completely contrasts Isaiah's and makes the song even more interesting.

22. R.I.P. Kevin Miller

Album: Cilvia Demo

This is a rare absolute banger from Rashad. The bass is turned up, the chorus is catchy and the song is loud.

21. Wat U Sed featuring Iamdoechii & Karl Banx

Album: The House Is Burning

This instrumental is so vibrant and Isaiah is lowkey but energetic. This song is just a subtle, fun, catchy anthem.

20. Find a Topic (homies begged)

Album: The Sun's Tirade

The instrumental is layered, lowkey and dynamic while Isaiah dominates it with a strong flow and a beautiful chorus.

19. All Herb featuring Amindi

Album: The House Is Burning

The instrumental here is entrancing, inebreating and it creates a trippy and unique world for Isaiah. His flow and his verses are light but entertaining and Amindi on the chorus fits the sound of the song.

18. Heavenly Father

Album: Cilvia Demo

Heavenly Father sounds like a sorrowful tune despite it's dynamic and cloudy instrumental. Isaiah's deep and depressing lyrics and the amazing chorus make this song amazing.

17. From The Garden featuring Lil Uzi Vert

Album: The House Is Burn

Isaiah taps into a trap sound from the hypnotic instrumental and the booming bass as he puts on an impressive and fluid performance from verse to hook. Lil Uzi Vert fits incredibly well on this track with his audacious verse and funny rhymes.

16. Free Lunch

Album: The Sun's Tirade

One of Isaiah's more popular songs, Free Lunch, has entrancing strings on the instrumental. Zay's emphatic rapping brings a lot of personality to this upbeat song.

15. Cilvia Demo

Album: Cilvia Demo

Isaiah is rapping rapping on this track. He has great bars and the instrumental is fun and dynamic.

14. Ronnie Drake featuring SZA

Album: Cilvia Demo

Ronnie Drake is another good rapping track from Isaiah with a fun and progressive instrumental. SZA gives us an amazing chorus that just takes this track to another level.

13. THIB

Album: The House Is Burning

Classic lowkey, trippy, hypnotic and distorted Isaiah here, it is always great.

12. Why Worry

Album: Why Worry (Single)

An amazingly produced beat from Crooklin with some great soulful samples is home to some amazing rapping from Zay. He has great bars and his signature delivery fits well here.

11. Headshots (4r Da Locals)

Album: The House Is Burning

An obscure but super bouncy instrumental is one of Isaiah's best. His flow on his verses are fun and amazing, but the chorus is the highlight as it's catchy as hell.

10. Rope featuring SiR // Rose

Album: The Sun's Tirade

Rope has a jazzy and vibrant instrumental with some great singing from Isaiah. He is commanding and brings even more life to this incredible psychadelic beat. When the beat switches we get a more relaxed and experimental Isaiah who is rapping well and is very entertaining.

9. Lay Wit Ya featuring Duke Deuce

Album: The House Is Burning

Another track that is just proof of Isaiah's ability to make lowkey and obscure bangers. The instrumental is grim and hypnotic, while Isaiah's chorus is enthralling and charming. Duke Deuce brings an off kilter flow and an emphatic delivery that both add even more sting to this delightfully dark song.

8. Silkk da Shocka featuring Syd

Album: The Sun's Tirade

One of Isaiah's most depressing and heavy tracks. His singing is passionate and pain filled, where he conveys more emotion in his chorus and in the depressing lyrics themselves.

7. Claymore featuring Smino

Album: The House Is Burning

This song is the definition of tranquility. Everything about this track is calm from the peaceful vibrant instrumental to Isaiah and Smino's laid back, lackadaisical deliveries that make this track feel like a moment of pure harmony.

6. Wat's Wrong featuring Zacari & Kendrick Lamar

Album: The Sun's Tirade

The instrumental on Wat's Wrong is soulful and vibrant, Isaiah gives a high energy, passionate verse. Kendrick also gives an outstanding performance and Zacari's hook is incredible. These three together give a memorable and fun moment that is nearly peak Isaiah Rashad.

5. West Savannah featuring SZA

Album: Cilvia Demo

This is another heavy, passionate ballad from the elite duo that is Isaiah Rashad and SZA, like these two need to do a collab album. The moody, atmospheric instrumental playing while Isaiah and SZA sing together is just a beautiful experience.

4. Tity and Dolla featuring Hugh Augustine & Jay Rock

Album: The Sun's Tirade

Isaiah flows dynamically over this progressive jazzy beat. His chorus is entrancing and Jay Rock delivers an amazing verse as well. This song is an Isaiah Rashad staple.

3. Stuck in the Mud featuring SZA

Album: The Sun's Tirade

Another moody, atmospheric beautifully sung track from Isaiah Rashad and SZA. Them singing together is incredible and Isaiah's verses are amazing. The beat flip brings more life to the song but in a depressing way but it only adds more depth to the track.

2. HB2U

Album: The House Is Burning

Isaiah is rapping like his life depends on it here with some of his best lyricism ever. The beat is foggy and progressive but perfect for this song. The beat switch to Isaiah rapping about still being depressed while addicted to drugs is one of the saddest moments in his music.

1. Shot You Down f/ Jay Rock & ScHoolboy Q

Album: Cilvia Demo

This song is remarkable beyond words. The chorus may be Isaiah's best ever and all three artists give lyrically amazing and vocally passionate verses. Everything about this song justifies its over seven minute run time.

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