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The Passing of the Torch

I thought that it'd be interesting to discuss some important artists of the last decade and younger artists that may go on runs similar to them in the next decade. I do not think that anyone mentioned will necessarily replace the other artist, just that they may take similar trajectories. PSA when I compare two artists it does not mean I think they are on the same level, just they will play similar roles in Hip-Hop.


Let's be honest right now, the only person that could have a decade like Drake, is Drake. I do not think there is a single artist in the game right now that has the potential to do numbers like Drake. I think he will release music well into the 2020's and put up great numbers still, but he won't be as prominent of a figure in the public, more akin to how Eminem has been the last five or so years.

Pusha T

Another artist that I think will still be releasing music well into the 2020's is Pusha. Already a grizzled veteran from his days with Clipse, his solo career is really just getting started. In the 2020's Pusha will probably be similar to Nas in the 2010's, releasing music every couple of years with not much promotion, but it will be accepted and admired by the community. Benny The Butcher will likely be similar to Pusha in the 2020's however, releasing amazing coke rap albums and being viewed as a respected veteran of the game, who isn't often in the limelight.

Kendrick Lamar

Like Drake, I find it very unlikely that there is an artist in the 2020's who will have a decade like Kendrick just did. In this next decade I'd imagine Kdot will have two, maybe even three more records in store for us, but he will stay in the shadows like he has been since DAMN. dropped. His presence will certainly be felt but will not be seen. JID is a rapper that I could see being a mainstream but extremely lyrical rapper, like Kdot. He clearly takes influence from him, but makes it very much into his own unique sound, and I could see him having big hits in the future.

Tyler, the Creator

There isn't quite anyone out there like Tyler so it's definitely hard to make a pick. The prediction I make will be pretty much solely based on who I think can have a serious artistic growth period. Tyler will definitely still be putting out music this decade, but unlike the others I think he will reach a new peak of popularity and level of stardom before he disappears into obscurity. Amine has already shown a bunch of artistic growth in his short amount of time in the game, and I think will only continue to expand his sound further, making him my pick.

Kanye West

When thinking Ye, Travis Scott immediately comes to mind, but for a different reason. I think by the second half of the 2020's Travs best years could be behind him, like Kanye after dropping Yeezus. As well as Kanye being more of a mentoring figure in the culture, I could see Travis taking that role in the coming decade. I also do not think Travis will ever drop Kanye quality music.

Nicki Minaj

Many people would claim Cardi B the heir to the Queen's throne, but I would beg to differ. Megan Thee Stallion is a more marketable person, currently a bigger artist and makes better music. I think Cardi's disappearance has evidently caused her time to pass. Megan needs another really big single or two, solo singles, and she will be viewed as the queen of rap in the 2020's.


Like Tyler, Future is another artist to really find a comparative to. I would say 21 Savage for the fact that he has several more classic trap albums in him. Future dropped several incredible trap albums in the next decade that were unique, with 21 already having some under his belt, and him just starting to rise to stardom, it makes sense to be that he will be regarded similarly to Future in the coming decade.


It's going to be Kendrick, pretty obviously. JAY was already at goat status before the 2010's started but had a nice little run himself. I think Kendrick, being younger, could have a more prolific run into the 2020's and will be respected by everyone, like Jay. His features will be regarded as a big deal and will undoubtedly be looked at as a goat.

J. Cole

Cole had an amazing decade, had great projects and a lot of mainstream success, however he was not fully accepted by the Hip-Hop community. Elitists tend to believe he's just okay, which is something I heavily disagree with. I could see Cordae getting that treatment in the coming decade. I really hope he doesn't because he makes great music, but his similarities to Cole and the old YBN association might give him that challenge.

Travis Scott

Finally we get to Travis, who is an interesting one because he's still new to the game. He makes pretty good music and has hits, but is loved by the fans. If Roddy Ricch is able to innovate his sound a bit more, I would not be surprised if he was revered similarly to him in the coming decade. He will make more hits and good albums, and will have a fan base outside of Hip-Hop

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