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Plan for Journalism Assignment

Are you going to listen to Travis's Scott's next album Utopia. Though personally I'm not his biggest fan, we are starting to see rumors of a June release, which is huge for fans everywhere. Utopia has been long anticipated and delayed, with its lengthy delay being in part due to the Astroworld incident on November 5th, 2021. In this incident, at Scott's Astroworld music Festival a crowd crush surged that claimed the lives of ten fans. Following this tragedy there was outrage directed at Travis, who is famous for his rowdy concerts, claiming him to be responsible for the deaths and a bad person. With it looking like an official release date will be announced sooner rather than later, it begs the question of will fans listen. Following the controversy he was denounced by many, but with it being almost a year and a half in the past we'll see who was being truthful. I will gather information by researching the tragic event itself and gathering details on the incident, whilst interviewing people to see their takes on the situation and what they are going to do.

Human Sources

Jake N - student

Dennis M - hospital technician

Nick D - clerk

Nicole S - medical practice office manager

Mohammed A - student

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