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My Thoughts On Complex's Best Albums Of 2021

Today Complex uploaded their yearly Top 50 Album's of the Year list (Best Albums Of 2021), which is a month too early as usual. This is not my top 50 list, I will release mine in early January but in the mean time I thought I'd give my thoughts on one of the biggest Hip-Hop publications list. This will more or less be an annotation of their list, giving my thoughts on each pick in a couple of sentences. I will not be saying much about the albums themselves (saving that for my list), more their placement on this list.

50. Culture III - Migos

I'm not surprised this was on here considering it's the first group Migos album since 2018, and I'm happy it's number fifty considering how weak of a release this was.

49. JOSE - J Balvin


48. Expensive Pain - Meek Mill

Like Culture III, Expensive Pain is a mainstream hip-hop release from a huge artist so I'm not surprised to see it here. I'm also not mad about its placement although you won't be finding it in my top fifty.

47. TwoPointFive - Amine

I was delighted to see Amine's new mixtape appear here because it is a solid record. I would have it a bit higher but I think this is fine.

46. To Hell With It - PinkPantherss


45.The Life Of Pi'erre 5 - Pi'erre Bourne

This album grew on me over the year and I think this is a solid placement for it.

44. Bo Jackson - Boldy James & The Alchemist

I respect that they put they are showing love to the underground but at forty-four don't even include Bo Jackson at all, it's just disrespectful. This is definitely one of the higher-end albums to come out this year but its placement on the list is one of the first outlandish picks from Complex.

43. Lately I Feel Everything - Willow


42. Coup De Grace - Ransom & Rome Streetz

Another one of my favorite underground releases this year. Though this is not on the level of Bo Jackson if you're into good lyrics and gangsta rap this is worth the listen.

41. SoulFly - Rod Wave


40. A Martyr's Reward - Ka


39. Tyron - Slowthai

Although I this it should be higher up I'm fine with seeing the love for the UK. Slowthai, along with Little Simz and Dave all dropped top projects this year so good on Complex for a bit of representation.

38. Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish

I'm surprised they put Billie this low on the list considering her popularity, but I'm glad they did as I do not think this record was too great.

37. Street Sermons - Morray

I didn't realize this album even dropped this year, but it is definitely not top 50. Morray is cool and has potential but this is just boring and repetitive.

36. 25 - G Herbo

This is one of my favorite trap albums of the year and I think proved G Herbo has talent, and I'm glad to see him getting some respect.

35. Montero - Lil Nas X

I liked this album a good bit and it received a very warm reception. I'm honestly surprised they don't have it higher but I think this is a good placement for it.

34. If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power - Halsey


33. Friends That Break Your Heart - James Blake


32. King's Disease II - Nas

Another album that I think is disrespectfully low. I love this album and think it is Nas's best in years, as well as one of the very best produced and rapped albums this year. It will be a good bit higher in my list and you can count on that.

31. Punk - Young Thug

I think Punk has been pretty polarizing since its release but I'm a big fan of this record. I do still love this record but I do not think it is as good as I initially did, and I think this placement is fair.

30. Still Sleep? - Sleepy Hallow

I know Sleepy had a huge year and this album was very successful but quality wise I do not think it this high, if on the list at all. It's fair that Complex put it on the list but over albums like King's Disease II and Bo Jackson it is just a joke.

29. La Maquina - Conway The Machine

Glad to see Conway on the list again, it is not my favorite record from him but I think this is fair placement.

28. Haram - Armand Hammer & The Alchemist


27. Dawn - Yebba


26. Hall Of Fame - Polo G

Album sales will not be factored into my Top 50 albums and it will be purely enjoyment and how good I think the record is. I'm saying this now because Hall Of Fame will not be found anywhere in mine.

25. Folarin II - Wale

I love Wale and think he is very under appreciated in the hip-hop scene, but this is not the greatest body of work from him in my opinion. I love to see him on here but I personally wouldn't have him this high.

24. USee4Yourself - IDK

Not only did this album go under the radar this year, I think it was also over hated by the hip-hop community. I wish people gave him more of a chance because he can be corny sometimes but this is a solid, cohesive and thematic body of work, IDK's best to date.

23. Weight Of The World - Maxo Kream

I was thrilled to see this album this high on the list One of my favorite but also underrated projects of the year. Maxo leveled up on this album was incredible production and good lyricism and I would personally have this album higher.

22. Star-Crossed - Kacey Musgraves


21. Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies - Snoh Aalegra


20. Justice - Justin Bieber

This is the worst album on this list and one of the worst ones this year.

19. Vince Staples - Vince Staples

Another album that flew under the radar a bit but I was really impressed with it. I think this is good placement for it and I highly recommend it.

18. Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf - Westside Gunn

I think Side A is better than Side B so I think this placement is near perfect.

17. The House Is Burning - Isaiah Rashad

Another great album that came out this year with another great placement. I could see the argument for higher or lower but I am fine with this.

16. A Gangsta's Pain - Moneybagg Yo


15. SOUR - Olivia Rodrigo

Very great position for one of the best non hip-hop albums that I've heard this year.

14. An Evening With Silk Sonic - Silk Sonic

The amount of hype that there was around this album is insane, and Bruno and Anderson delivered. I'm surprised it's not higher but I think this is a good placement.

13. The Melodic Blue - Baby Keem

Another great placement, though it's lower for me I'm ecstatic to have seen the incredible year Baby Keem has had.

12. Certified Lover Boy - Drake

I think in terms of Complex placements, this is perfect. That is because the album is not great but it is also the biggest album of the year.

11. The Plugs I Met 2 - Benny The Butcher & Harry Fraud

Although a bit high, Benny is one of those rappers that I am always thrilled to get praise, and this is definitely a solid prelude to TanaTalk 4.

10. Shelley FKA DRAM - Shelley FKA DRAM

This silky smooth R&B record flew under the radar big time, but it honestly deserves to be here. I didn't except soulful DRAM to be as euphoric as he was, and I heavily recommend checking this one out.

9. Life of a Don - Don Toliver

Like Baby Keem, I love to see this album and Don himself getting praised, though I would not have it in my top 10.

8. Pray For Haiti - Mach-Hommy

This placement made me very happy. Another underground gem that I'm glad to see this high on the list.

7. Still Over It - Summer Walker

This album was good but it sold incredibly well so I'm not too surprised it's this high.

6. Donda - Kanye West

I expected this album to be this high, and it's fair considering how it took over the summer. Personally I wouldn't have it close to top 10, but I think this makes sense for what it is.

5. Heaux Tales - Jazmine Sullivan


4. Planet Her - Doja Cat

Another album that was massive this year so I'm not surprised to see it this high, even though I don't think its too good.

3. 30 - Adele


2. The Off-Season - J. Cole

Perfect placement.

1. Call Me If You Get Lost - Tyler, The Creator

Another album that I think is placed perfectly, though it isn't my album of the year, CMIYGL id the biggest safe pick out there.

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