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10 Artists That Have Not Peaked Artistically Yet

AKA Ten artists that I think have not dropped their best albums yet. A lot of artists drop amazing albums early on in their careers, then end up spending the rest of it trying to recapture that success.. Nas is a good example despite my belief that his discography is over hated, because he never did top Illmatic, or It Was Written which I think is slightly better. I thought about adding Kendrick as I wouldn't be too surprised if he did, but considering he's already put out three top twenty-five hip-hop albums of all time he has very high standards to live up to. I didn't put Joey Bada$$ or Denzel Curry on here for that reason either, as they both released two incredible albums being 1999 and TABOO respectively and I do think they both have the ability to top those albums, it'd just be hard to. With all that said, let's get into it.

J. Cole

Best Album: 4 Your Eyez Only

Cole is so interesting as he is undoubtedly the most overrated rapper in the industry, people severely diminish his accomplishments. At times he may be too corny or preachy but when he puts out great music, he puts out great music. I did not believe he had the potential to do it until The Off Season dropped, as it was easily one of his best records AND was subsequently just a prelude to his next big project. Cole is great but Cole when he raps with immense passion is something else. If he's able to take his energy on The Off Season to a more experimental and deep place he could drop the best album of his career.

21 Savage


As an artist who is currently running trap with his own style and has evolved significantly artistically, 21 is in an interesting place. SM2 and I Am > I Was are two of the best trap albums in the last five years. 21 is always getting better though, so he can certainly continue to drop great trap albums throughout his career if he wants, and if he does I don't think anyone would complain. However 21 does have the talent to drop a lyrically dense concept album with more complex instrumentals. If he does that it'd be his best album, no questions asked, it's just a matter of if he will.


Best Album: DiCaprio 2

This one may be cheating considering he only has two studio records, which are both great, and The Forever Story is on the verge of dropping, but I'd never dodge an opportunity to talk about JID. He is one of the most pure talents in the game right now and has so much skill. He will definitely top DiCaprio 2 soon, as I think he's capable of far better and will drop several albums better than it in his career. JID has potential to go on a prolific run in the 2020's in my opinion and I can't wait to hear every second of it.

Young Thug

Best Album: Jeffery

I would like to say Punk, but I think it's far too soon for me to making that statement. But with Punk's release we have seen Thug willing to explore more creative outlets and expand his sound entirely. I hope and think that Punk is ushering a new era of Young Thug where he makes more artistic, experimental and diverse music. If he does continue to with albums he releases post Punk then I think he could have even greater music in store for us.

Conway The Machine

Best Album: From King To A GOD

With all of Griselda being unstoppable the past two years I had to include at least one of the guys on this list. I picked Conway because I think he is the best lyrically and is the most likely to drop a super deep concept album. Yes, Burden Of Proof was nothing short of incredible, but that just means it'd be harder for Benny to top. From King To A GOD was not too far behind it but I think he also has a lot more room to grow. With his next album seeming to be around the corner we'll see if he does it now or later.

Earl Sweatshirt

Best Album: I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside

This one I think is a bit less likely than the other because Feet Of Clay was definitely a step backwards. For Earl to do this he has to rap like his old self, because it's not the production that is the problem with his new music, it's his rapping. On Doris and IDLSIDGO Earl, rapping wise, is so much better than on Some Rap Songs and especially Feet Of Clay. For him to drop his best album he'll need to channel the best of both worlds.

ScHoolboy Q

Best Album: Oxymoron

Oxymoron is one of the greatest gansta rap albums of the last decade, and although CrasH Talk was a setback, it's certainly not the end for Q. Oxymoron is proof that he can make an amazing, cohesive and lyrical deep experience. I think he can top this but he has to go back to his roots, because although CrasH Talk is not that bad, it left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouth's. If he brings back his charisma over some grimey beats he'll top CrasH Talk with ease, and if he works harder than that he could put out his best work yet.


Best Album: Limbo

As someone who's improving with every release Amine still has a lot to offer. All of his records are diverse but have their own distinct sound. Considering he is such a diverse artist I think all he needs to do is go more coherent on a topic and deepen his lyrics a bit. Songs like Fetus show such bright flashes of his lyrical talent but we don't see enough of it. When Amine is able to tap into that he'll become a force to be reckoned with.

Kevin Abstract

Best Album: Arizona Baby

For Kevin I'm talking strictly solo music. He's great with BROCKHAMPTON but alone he seems to have artistic endeavors of his own that may even surpass the group. Arizona Baby was a great record but his two recent tracks have both been so amazing. I don't think he needs to do anything but drop the album. I think his next one will be his best.

Brent Faiyaz

Best Album: Sonder Son

Not rap but R&B for this one. One of the best and most soulful singers in the game not only has two amazing albums, but has blessed us with some of the greatest singles this year. I have patiently been waiting for the album ever since Gravity with Tyler, the Creator, and after hearing Show U Off I was sold. Like Kevin I think his best album is already made, he just needs to drop it.

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